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Experienced teachers

Faculty at Sloka are enough experienced and skilled to teach students and make them understand each concept.

Best Courses

Sloka, one of the top schools in Hyderabad follows the CBSE course and help students to evolve their thinking and views on various topics.

Music & Art

We believe in over all development of our students.At Sloka,students are given opportunities to do well in music and art field along with academics.

Sloka International School,Hyderabad

About Sloka International

Sloka international school is one of the top schools in Hyderabad that educate the children through its designed 3C program -Competence, Character, Content. We all understand the importance of Education in our lives. It helps in shaping our personality and has become the only source to achieve all the happiness in life.

At Sloka, one of the international schools in Hyderabad, children are not only provided bookish knowledge but are also nurtured in various other fields like sports and other co-curricular activities to enhance their personality and make them a good human being.

Faculty at Sloka prefer practical approach to teach the students. We have become one of the best schools in Hyderabad due to the amazing course that we offer. We have planned our courses in such a way that students can get over all development form physical to mental.


Sloka provides a refreshing world where international Academic cultural and sporting activities are planned to bring out the best of all.

Sport Games

Students at Sloka are trained in both indoor and outdoor games. It helps in developing a sense of friendliness and leadership quality in the children.

Co-Curricular activities

Co-curricular activities are part and parcel of life. They keep students away from the monotonous lifestyle. Also, they help in developing social values, psychological values, civic values and cultural values as well


Sloka International always strive in empowering children to learn independently and develops creative, critical thinking methods with added skills like self-management, social communication and research

Student Life

Students at Sloka, enjoys the benefits from both its rich history and its innovative and modern facilities.

Digital Room

We are well equipped with computers that enable to empower holistic education and intellectual development of

Performing Arts

We at Sloka, believe that every child is an artist. It is the supreme art that awakens joy in creative expression and knowledge. That’s why for being one of the best schools


The library of our school is central to learning and plays a vital role for students for encouraging innovation, curiosity, creativity as well as problem-solving. Because of this learning values of SIS, it is leading as one of the best schools in Hyderabad among other CBSE schools


Students are given robust training to survive under high competition, we use creative learning techniques and include special educational programs to improve theorical and practical knowledge in


The Best international school, welcoming every child to achieve their full potential and our results speak for themselves, it is our students and world-class staff who make SLOKA a truly remarkable school.

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  • The school’s international culture is fundamentally built into my children’s minds and it gives my children courage to talk to and gel with anyone in this world.

  • Slokainternational is like a second home for us and we have a special relationship with the school. My son has been with the school since Grade 1. I credit Kaushal’s education…for what he is today. I believe Kaushal has been doing very well on academics thanks to the school…!