Sloka International School,Hyderabad

About Sloka International

Sloka international school is one of the top schools in Hyderabad that educate the children through its designed 3C program -Competence, Character, Content. We all understand the importance of Education in our lives. It helps in shaping our personality and has become the only source to achieve all the happiness in life.

At Sloka, one of the international schools in Hyderabad, children are not only provided bookish knowledge but are also nurtured in various other fields like sports and other co-curricular activities to enhance their personality and make them a good human being.

Faculty at Sloka prefer practical approach to teach the students. We have become one of the best schools in Hyderabad due to the amazing course that we offer. We have planned our courses in such a way that students can get over all development form physical to mental.


Our Mission

Sloka has always believed that every human being and everything on this planet has a meaning and is meant for role in this world and that is the reason we strongly believe in providing complete freedom to the students in the learning process. There are many Schools in Hyderabad but all of them are different in the ways they impart knowledge and education to the students. Sloka stands at the top amongst the best schools in Hyderabad because we believe every child is unique and special and we provide our students with fresh air to stretch their wings and fly high in whatever path they choose, be it studies, sports or co-curricular activities. When the mind of a student if free from pressure and fear of failure, it blooms and that is the kind of environment Sloka believes in providing to its student. Sloka is recognized as the best amongst various International Schools in Hyderabad because of the friendly and experienced staff as well as the resources which we provide our students so that they can lead their life in their terms and spend their life with quality.

Our Vision

At Sloka, every child is provided the knowledge that helps them find the true purpose of their life and help in development on a global level. We are one of the best schools in Hyderabad and we believe in empowering our students with resources and knowledge which they can bring into everyday implementation to make the lives of the people happy and this earth a better place to live in. In Comparison to other CBSE schools in Hyderabad, Sloka is the hub of best education in Hyderabad. We believe these children are leaders of future and that is the reason we aim at providing the best education in Hyderabad.

Why Choose Us

Sloka is the top amongst the best International Schools in Hyderabad because we are dedicated towards taking care of the students and helping them in enhancing their knowledge and skills through our 3C approach to education program i.e. Competence, Character, Content.

Sloka International school is very different from other International Schools in Hyderabad as the challenging programme of International education is implemented in letters as well as in our spirits. We have always prioritized to nurture the student’s knowledge, creativity and their spirit for sports.

Sloka International school is categorized as the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad and we are giving our best to set a benchmark for the progressive way of learning and holistic education base in Hyderabad.

We understand the importance of Parents in a student’s education life and their growth in particular, which is why we at Sloka organize Smart Parenting Workshops at our school to educate the parents about various aspects of education system toady and how to deal with their child’s power and potential towards grasping the things. This workshop also casts light on the various educational scenarios.

Sloka International School promotes intellectual learning through:

  • Adequacy of learning.
  • International Thinking Ability.
  • Ability to take Decisions.

what we have achived

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The worlds first international school, welcoming every child to achieve their full potential and our results speak for themselves, it is our students and world-class staff who make SLOKA a truly remarkable school.


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