Central board of secondary education

Sloka is one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad follows the highest board of education in India which involves a strong, vibrant and completely holistic school education called central board of secondary education, the CBSE board of education is well designed to enhance and promote the social and cultural growth of students. Sloka the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad, maintains international standards which involves innovative methods to empower students in order to attain excellence in compliance with psychological and social principles, sloka ensures students with stress free learning environment which can develop a student into a confident citizen for future. We offer a wide range of subjects and give schools flexibility in how to offer them. We support schools in developing a curriculum that suits their context, culture and ethos, and that they can tailor to their students’ needs.


IB education empowers and helps students in self-preparation and teaches how to collaborate with others, we prepare a community of learners and engage them in the global challenges through inquiry, action, and reflection with the innovation IB programs. The teaching staff of sloka concentrates in developing the critical thinking, self-management skills and also encourages students to develop creative thoughts and helps in implementing them.

IB-primary year program

Students from sloka are offered a PYP program which develops the students academic, social and emotional well being mainly focusing on international-mindedness and strong personal values. This IB-PYP program nurtures independent learning skills by encouraging every student to take the responsibility of learning incorporating the local and global issues into the curriculum. The main aim of the program is revealed by asking the students to have a look at the six related transdisciplinary themes and also to consider the links between them, the links include who are we? Where are we in place and time? And how does the world around us run?

IB-middle year program

The middle year program at sloka includes a challenging frame work that encourages the students to make practical connections between their students and their real world. Students of sloka can enjoy the benefits of all interests and academic abilities which can benefit from their participation, we assess students through IB-validation grading method and provide them grades based on their course work.