Message from Chairman

We believe that the education is not just for the life but for the enlightment of the soul and the minds of the young learners. We at Sloka foster curiosity and passion for lifelong learning among the students with perseverance and tolerance which marks and makes the slokians into global citizens.

We are glad that we at Sloka along with CBSC have launched Cambridge primary program to give our students the world-class experience, which is an internationally recognized qualification.

Appropriate relevant and significant thoroughly planned curriculum makes both the programs unique and tangible.

We ensure that our facilitators are more facilitative in the slokian pedagogy with most innovative methodologies making the classroom a mini cosmos.

We are in a spree to spread the aroma of learning across heading towards transforming our learners into international minded, responsible global citizens who can make our planet a better place to live.

Mr.Bitla Srinivas Reddy,


Sloka International