Sloka International

Everyone wants their child to provide the best education possible. So, to get the best education it is more important to get your child assigned to a great teacher as well as to a great school. Sloka international school established itself as one of the best schools in Hyderabad because of its dynamic strategy to develop each and every student in a unique way. We believe that the experience of a student while at school extends beyond the classroom and the lab. That’s why we not only focus on the textual study but also concentrate on student’s critical thinking perseverance, problem-solving capacity, creativity, and curiosity, those characteristics great teaching brings out in a student. Thus, our student thrives in an environment conducive to growth, development, and learning that supports the overall improvement of a student. Because of all these perspectives, it is becoming one of the top international schools in Hyderabad among all other preestablished schools in Hyderabad.

A library is considered as a delivery room for the birth of new ideas, a place where history can come to life. And the most wonderful thing that once a child learns to use a library, the doors to learning are open always. The library of our school is central to learning and plays a vital role for students for encouraging innovation, curiosity, creativity as well as problem-solving. Because of this learning values of SIS, it is leading as one of the best schools in Hyderabad among other CBSE schools in Hyderabad. It is having a wide ocean of books, with a seating capacity of a minimum of 60 students at a time.

We give importance to collaborative learning and sharing of own ideas. Because collaborative learning encourages students to create groups and work together as a team to solve a given problem and they can develop social skills, learn from peers, build trust among the students, engage in learning also get confidence. That’s why our library creates opportunities for collaborative book sharing and studying promotion activities. The team of library maximizes opportunities to promote the proper utilization of library facilities and resources as well as uses their knowledge to enables the fulfillment of the requirement of the student.

As being one of the best International schools in Hyderabad, it has a large collection of more than 25,000 volumes is available and they are mainly comprised of textbooks, reference books, function titles, periodicals, CDs and VCDs like audiovisual materials, collection of syllabuses- based textbooks (as per the classes) and also fiction titles (primary and secondary).

Language Lab:

The art of communication is considered as the language of leadership. So, to learn leadership, it is important to teach the skill of communication. A couple of linguistics that based their assumption of language on psychology says that language is nothing but just a “habit formation”. And the whole world belongs to those individuals who can express themselves and their thoughts clearly. By understanding the importance of language, we construct a large language hall for our students, unlike other schools in Hyderabad.

Digital Room:

A computer is a large encyclopaedia in itself which can generate familiarization to the entire World. Technology has changed the whole world forever. And we all are well equipped with a computer that enables to empower holistic education and intellectual development of a student. So, each and every school in Hyderabad must have digital room in which the number of computers is present.

Physics & Chemistry Labs:

Well equipped with physics and chemistry labs that allow every student to get practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge of textbooks. Because that students get better knowledge by experimenting with them whatever they learn in their textbooks. it is said the more experiments you make the better you can learn.

We believe that every child is an artist. It is the supreme art that awakens joy in creative expression and knowledge. That’s why for being one of the best schools in Hyderabad we kindle our students to promote creative thinking and artistic expression under the umbrella of arts. The students get a good opportunity to enhance as well as deliver their skills in visual and performing arts through various activities like competitions, festivals, seminars etc. Our extracurricular activities not only nurture the passion for art but also infuse an aesthetic sensibility & creativity in them.

Any threat to the safety of a child in any school or classroom is not acceptable in any means. That’s why we prioritize first on the security of the student and this makes us unique with other available schools in Hyderabad. We have well-maintained transport facility with GPS provision to facilitate easy mobilization of our students. The transport system covers nearly 20km radius around the school and we have professional drivers, security guard and we take care of all safety measures.

Sport Games

Besides health benefits, sport gives children the many life lessons that can contribute to the professional and personal achievements in adult life.

English Lessons

Language is one of the most important skills you acquire preschooler, which is also a key element in acquiring a good education in school

Math Lessons

It is a way of expressing feelings because it is a profound communication.  is to open the soul of the child to play, for good, the light.

Performing Arts:

We believe that every child is an artist. It is the supreme art that awakens joy in creative expression and knowledge. That’s why for being one of the best schools in Hyderabad we kindle our students to promote creative thinking and artistic expression under the umbrella of arts.


We have a spectacular wonderful theatre with around 180 students sitting capacity. It is one of the top schools in Hyderabad having that large own theatre. This enables students to explore creativity by participating in the seminar and giving the power-point presentation in front of their teachers and students, which brings them confidence and energy to face the outer world.

Activity Hall

A large spacious hall specially designed for pre-primary students equipped with innovative games that enhance their inner skills.


The science of today is the technology of tomorrow and we know that how technology has changed the whole world we live in. Technology is crucial for innovation and we endeavour that our students should grow in parallel with booming technology and we aim that our students should grow in parallel with mounting technology around.

Play Hall

Especially planned for little ones to play and explore around them.


We believe that health is a quality of the whole person – Mind, Body, & Spirit. That’s why we ensure proper wellbeing of our each and every student. At SIS, as one of the top International schools in Hyderabad, incorporating health and wellness into the school culture and environment by providing medical facilities and health camps regularly. We educate our children about the importance of “balanced diet” which help them to regulate the health.